Tembo Kijani Pangani Ecolodge
Tembo Kijani Pangani Ecolodge Pangani
We are a small EcoLodge on the coast of Tanzania just north of Saadani National Park which found a way to least damage the environment by advocating both love for nature and wildlife.
By implementing a careful choice of design and materials, our lodge merges with nature in the thickness of the bush by the beach with the Bush Bandas raised from the ground to catch sea breezes while the bungalow offers a combination of wood, tree bark and Tanga stone as flooring as close as possible to the ocean front.
All roofs are made of coconut leaves (Makuti) with a large floor to ceiling height so constant air flow is achieved.
Building materials come from a radius of 20km and are recyclable and natural.
Equipment is bought from local sources and the work force consists mostly of people from the surrounding villages.
Being green does not stop here. We are trying to find the greenest way in every aspect of running a lodge – from hosting our website to the soap used for cleaning the rooms.
+255 68 7027454 www.pangani-ecolodge.com